Who needs mental health support?

Anyone. At any one time 1 in 4 people are struggling with their mental health. If you feel your mental health is impacting you in a negative way an it effects how you want to live your life then you could benefit from mental health support.

How long should I wait until I seek help?

Not long. The longer you wait the harder it might become. Sometimes the hope is that things will get better on there own but this isn’t always the case. If you feel you have tried yourself but your still struggling then it is time to ask for more support.

Once I start do I need to commit to x amount of sessions?

If you attend a support group or workshop then you do commit to a number of sessions. This is because the foundation of a support group and workshop is dependant on the support from the faciliator and the other members. One to one sessions are most beneficial when you do attend regular sessions so it will be recommended by your therapist but you do not commit to anymore than one session at a time.

I want my loved one to get support but they don’t want to, what can I do?

This is a hard one. It is hard to watch a loved one struggle, they don’t want to get professional support but you feel they could benefit from it. There can be a few options. Give them time and they might make the decision on their own. Encourage them to attend at least one to one counselling session and see how they find it. Or they could attend a support group, workshop or talk to see if they could benefit from learning more about mental health.

Who makes the call?

It is important that the person who needs supoort makes the initial call. They will be the one who will be sharing their experiences and trying to find ways to work through their mental health and this begins with making that first call. If the support is for a young person under 18 then it is the parent or guardian who will make intial contact.

Will I have to wait long for an appointment?

The waiting time can vary depending how busy the clinic is and how much availability you can offer. Evening times can be in high demand so may have the longest wait time. The Low-Cost Clinic also has limited availability. To get the most accurate waiting time information it is recommended to contact the clinic by ringing or completed the Enquiry Form on the website.

And remember….No Distress Is Ever Too Small