Counselling and Psychotherapy for Children
Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinic

At The DMC Clinic we provide counselling and psychotherapy for children (6 years old and upwards). We use a mixture of play therapies techniques and talk therapies to support children. We can offer your child a safe space and an empathetic ear while providing tools to bring about change in thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. We focus on resolving conflict, understanding their own thoughts and feelings, or on coming up with new solutions to problems.


Depending on age, preferably both parents will attend the initial session with or without their child. At the initial session, counselling will be explained, and parents will have an opportunity to explain why they have brought their child to counselling. Parents will then sit in the waiting area outside and the counsellor and child will begin therapy. Parents are then invited to return into the counselling room to see how the session went and discuss future sessions. A session is 45-60 minutes and €70 per session.