I was very nervous and not knowing what to expect on my first appointment but I didn’t need to be as the minute I met Ber she put me at ease straight away, I felt relaxed and comfortable. Ber was so kind and I felt I could be totally honest about my feelings and never felt judged or was saying something I shouldn’t be. Ber was a perfect mix of professional and compassionate, she helped me get me back and I will be forever grateful to her for all her help. I cannot recommend Ber and this service enough.

Anonymous, 49

I got great help from Ber which helped me a lot to deal with issues found them very helpful

Anonymous, 65

We found the service very good for our son who was suffering from anxiety due to school pressure. Lorraine was very reassuring and help us understand the situation. We are lucky to have this service in our town. Well done

Anonymous, 13

My son Noah who is 10 attended The DMC Clinic and saw an amazing counselor called Ber. Noah was nervous before attending because he didn’t know what to expect and by the end of the first session he was looking forward to the next appointment. Ber was friendly, funny and made Noah feel great about himself. I would highly recommend The DMC Clinic and Ber.

Noah, 10

When i first felt anxiety i didn’t know what it was, how to cope with it or who to even turn too. A few people recommended counselling but the thoughts of it was terrifying. The moment ruth opened her door she welcomed me with a big smile and made me feel safe and calm. She helped me so much with my anxiety and went through so many different coping strategies. Ive came so far since i started with ruth. I cannot recommend her enough. Excellent service.

Tracy, 24

I approached Ruth because I was advised by my GP to consult a counsellor about my anxiety. Ruth helped me by providing a safe and calming environment to discuss how I was feeling as well as offering useful coping methods. The result was effective because I now feel able to cope better with situations that arise daily which I couldn’t before. One thing I liked was her proffessionalism and friendly character. I would recommend Ruth to people who need advice and direction in managing difficulties they face in their lives.

Anonymous, 17

All of us humans including myself have grown up with the stigma attached to counselling or as also know attending a shrink. I came to a rocky part of my life where I felt extremely down and unable to cope with life. I was dealing with a very busy work environment while also keeping family life on the right path. After attending my GP who prescribed short term medication to take the edge off I also felt I needed additional help. I attended counselling with Ruth who was extremely helpful. She listened to what I had to say, how I was feeling and after a few sessions I quickly learned that suddenly I was getting a lot of my mind and mentally feeling like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My view is for anyone who may be feeling this way to please take that first step to the rest of your life, open up your feelings which does really help. Sometimes it’s hard to open up to your true feelings with family and friends who do not completely understand you. Fantastic work Ruth and thank you so much for all your help.

Anonymous, 41

Ruth was recommended to us by our GP as we were extremely concerned about our teenage son who had become anorexic. Attending the counselling sessions with Ruth helped him to begin to face up to one of the main issues which contributed to his anorexia i.e. bullying. While he found opening up difficult, it was very beneficial to him to speak to someone outside the family and he was able to discuss issues he had buried away for a long time, and begin his road to recovery.

Anonymous, 16

Ruth is an absolute star! She really helped me through a very hard time in my life, listens to you and makes you feel better about your current situation! Would highly recommend her to anyone going through a tough time as she helps you move through it and make you realise its not permenant!! Iv always been a sufferer of anxiety and panic attacks, ruth really helped me open up and see the light at the end of the tunnel!! Excellent service, xx

Anonymous, 23

I found Ruth to be an excellent therapist. In our sessions I felt free to air my thoughts and be listened to without judgement, which allowed me to talk about things that I’d find too difficult to talk about with family or friends. Ruth helped me to re-evaluate my thinking on different things, and she gave me practical advice and methods I can use to change my thinking and behaviour in situations I find difficult to deal with in my day-to-day life, and these have been of great benefit to me. I feel I improved a huge amount over our sessions, and I’m very grateful for the great work she did with me.

Kieran, 30

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