Low-Cost Counselling Clinic

We understand that financial concerns can prevent someone from receiving the help and support they need so we have created an alternative option in Low-Cost Counselling Clinic in addition to the main Counselling and Psychotherapy Clinic. This option may be beneficial for a student in college, someone who is out of work, in part time work or has other financial difficulties.


Our Low-Cost Counselling Clinic is provided by Newly Qualified and Pre-accredited Counsellors who are under guidance and support from The DMC Clinic team, their private Supervisor and their QQI certified college.  A session is 50-60 minutes.  The fee per one to one session is €40 and fee per couples session is €60.


Please note: appointments are available for adults only, and there is limited availability. To be eligible for the Low-Cost Clinic, one of the following must apply;

College student,

Lone parent,

Out of work

And part-time work.


The majority of our blogs are written by our Low-Cost Counsellors. To read more about what they say go to our Blog section or follow the link >>>