When I went to see Karla for the first time I was struggling with a lot of different issues that combined had taken a toll on me not just mentally but physically. Not only did I think that there would never be any light at the end of the tunnel, any way of understanding or overcoming what had happened in my life but what I really did not realise is that there was much more going on. Not only did Karla help me see the light again and help me understand and move on but she managed to find things hidden in my past that I didnt even realise were effecting how I looked at things now. Now moving on in to my future, I am a different person, a better, stronger person. Karla has helped me in more ways than I ever expected when I first decided to seek counselling. She has helped me improve my work life, manage my stress, love myself again and move on from my past. Thank you so much Karla, you have literally changed my life.