Working with Karla really helped me to pinpoint and overcome my anxiety. It has helped me to deal with work-related issues that were really getting me down and I now feel I can thrive again in my job as a result!
Anonymous, 35

We found the service very good for our son who was suffering from anxiety due to school pressure. They were very reassuring and help us understand the situation. We are lucky to have this service in our town. Well done

Anonymous, 13

I went to see Caroline when I was at my lowest. I was overwhelmed with anxiety and work related stress. Not only did Caroline help me to manage my feelings towards work but also helped me to dig down and find some of the root causes of my anxiety and low self esteem, which I have experienced for years. I now have a new mindset and approach towards my stressors and anxieties. I cannot recommend Caroline & The DMC Clinic enough.

Anonymous, 25

Ruth was recommended to us by our GP as we were extremely concerned about our teenage son who had become anorexic. Attending the counselling sessions with Ruth helped him to begin to face up to one of the main issues which contributed to his anorexia i.e. bullying. While he found opening up difficult, it was very beneficial to him to speak to someone outside the family and he was able to discuss issues he had buried away for a long time, and begin his road to recovery.

Anonymous, 16

After struggling with a lot of anxiety over the years, Caroline helped me to look within myself and find the root of a lot of my issues. I now have the tools I need to deal with my anxiety and have found peace within myself. I always felt comfortable to speak freely and truthfully about my emotions which was liberating in itself. Coming to the DMC Clinic was the best decision I’ve ever made for myself.

Anonymous, 21

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for 20 years and over this time I am sought out many professionals to help me deal with this. It was not until I met Ruth that I truly opened up. On our first session I opened up about things I had never spoken about. I found it so easy to talk to Ruth as she was never judgemental, I was totally at ease from day one. I cannot recommend Ruth highly enough. She really is number one in this field.

Michelle, 35

I really enjoyed working with Leanne. She was always incredibly friendly and warm, and created a very safe and comfortable environment for discussing sensitive issues. She never really told me “do this, do that”, but instead asked the right questions that allowed me to tap into my own inner wisdom and guidance. An incredibly supportive person, with her help I am emotionally and mentally a much stronger and resilient person on the other side of our sessions. Highly recommend.

Ronan, 28

I done several sessions with Caroline and I found it very helpful. I felt at ease and found it very easy to talk and communicate throughout all our sessions. Great service , highly recommended.

Anonymous, 31
After going through an unexpected break up I found it very hard to cope. Throughout lockdown Ber kept in contact with me and helped me see that I needed to be kind to me. It took a while but I’ve finally reached the point where I am at peace with myself. I will be forever grateful to Ber for all she did to help me through those tough and dark times. At times I couldn’t see that light at the end of the tunnel but Ber taught me the skills necessary to go forward.
I can never thank Ber & DMC clinic enough for all their help.
Anonymous, 57

When i first felt anxiety i didn’t know what it was, how to cope with it or who to even turn too. A few people recommended counselling but the thoughts of it was terrifying. The moment Ruth opened her door she welcomed me with a big smile and made me feel safe and calm. She helped me so much with my anxiety and went through so many different coping strategies. I’ve came so far since i started with Ruth. I cannot recommend her enough. Excellent service.

Tracy, 24