Awareness and knowledge is essential in understanding mental health and adolescence can be the most beneficial time to learn these skills. There is so much change during school years and a positive approach to mental health can be key to a positive school experience and strategies for the future.


The DMC Clinic school workshops can be delivered in different forms:

  • One topic can be chosen, and age appropriately adapted to each year group, such as for First Years and their transition from primary to secondary, senior cycle students who are in Transition Year, LCA, LCVP, Student Councils, Prefects, etc.
  • Two or more topics can be chosen and run as a workshop over a period of days/weeks to each class in a year group.
  • One topic can also be spread over a longer period divided over several weeks to offer a more in-depth workshop
  • If there is a topic that isn’t mentioned, and you would like to be offered to your school, then we are open to suggestions and happy to facilities if possible
  • Each workshop can also be adapted to be more specific for LGBTQI+


Some of the School Workshops We Can Facilitate;

  • Social Anxiety
  • Stress & Worry
  • Reducing Anger
  • Bullying; It’s Impact and Challenging It
  • Sexual Health
  • Identity
  • Building Confidence
  • Helping Manage Stress (Exams)


In each of our workshops we will use a variety of approaches, such as; large group work, smaller group work, videos, power points, ice breakers, relaxation techniques, coping skills, strategies and techniques and activities. Students may also be given handouts at the end of each workshop.

Programme Details

Listed below are 3 Options to demonstrate how we can facilitate workshops, however, they are guidelines and we tailor our workshops to best facilitate the needs of each individual school and group.

Option 1:

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Frequency: 3 – 6 weeks

No. of students: 5 – 10 (specific group)

No. of Facilitators: One per group

Cost: €250 per week

Option 2:

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours

Frequency: 3 – 6 weeks

No. of students: 15 – 30 (one class group)

No. of Facilitators: Two per group

Cost: €350 per week

Option 3: 

Duration: One full day

Frequency: 1 – 4 weeks

No. of students: Full year group (approx. 100 students)

No. of facilitators: Two per group

Cost: €1,000 per week