Career Guidance and Coaching
Career Guidance and Coaching is a recent service to the clinic and it is provided by Counsellor and Career Guidance Teacher, Leanne. Leanne provided Career Guidance and Coaching support to both adults and adolescences. The addition of this service comes off the back of the impact of COVID-19, as it is noted by us that this is a unique time of change for many people, some unsure of where they are going or what are their next steps, especially with regards to their careers. If you feel that this currently relates to you then there is no time like the present to take some time to explore your options, with the professional support and guidance of someone who has a lot of experience in this area.
To find out more about Leanne please go to ‘Meet The Team‘ or alternatively contact the clinic for more information on what the service involves and the current pricing.

Career Guidance


Career Guidance describes a range of interventions applied to help a person to move from a general understanding of life and work to a specific understanding of the realistic life, learning and work options that are open to them. It’s about helping the person to:

  • Know themselves

  • To explore possibilities

  • To Make a Career / Educational Choice

  • To make it happen

Career Guidance includes career education, information and counselling.​

Career Interest Testing


Sometimes called psychometric, interest or aptitude tests, these aim to measure attributes like ability, personality and motivation which can then be used to link to specific career areas or jobs.

Career Coaching


Career coaching is a type of advice-giving and support provided to clients, to help them manage their journey through life, learning and work changes.